To Two of the Greats

I’m taking a moment on my blog to mention two people who have impacted my time in Greece in a way that few others have. Since my arrival on the ground in Leros in the middle of November, volunteers have come and gone, but two have stuck it out and been around for the entiretyContinue reading “To Two of the Greats”

Everyone is Named Mohammed

Our fourth day of painting and revamping the Hub has concluded and we’re just about at our goal of painting three classrooms, the library, and the reception area of the building. I’m starting to lose my mind ever so slowly as the paint fumes have begun to mess with my brain, but I continue toContinue reading “Everyone is Named Mohammed”

Late Night Bonding, Early Morning Reflecting

The waitress brings out a tray held leisurely at her side to the table I’m sitting at out in the sunshine on the porch of the cafe. She’s probably about 50 years old and has her hair pulled into a ponytail and is waiting tables in sweatpants, which gives permission to the patrons to be atContinue reading “Late Night Bonding, Early Morning Reflecting”

The Hotspot

The two most crucial places here on the island of Leros for the duration of my time here both start with the letter “H”. The “Hub” and the “Hotspot” will be two names that surface frequently in any blog posts that I produce in the coming weeks. The Hub is the building that the organization/non-profitContinue reading “The Hotspot”