Late Night Bonding, Early Morning Reflecting

The waitress brings out a tray held leisurely at her side to the table I’m sitting at out in the sunshine on the porch of the cafe. She’s probably about 50 years old and has her hair pulled into a ponytail and is waiting tables in sweatpants, which gives permission to the patrons to be atContinue reading “Late Night Bonding, Early Morning Reflecting”

The Simplicity of Driving

Many days, after I’ve finished teaching English, I become a driver. I just kind of morph into something new. I like this. As volunteers, we do a variety of different things. But my favorite combination of tasks is teaching English in the morning and then driving in the afternoon. After being in the classroom, evenContinue reading “The Simplicity of Driving”

The Complexity of Teaching

It’s 12:00 on a Monday and I’ve got that familiar feeling of excitement coursing through my blood. It’s a feeling that I have only experienced consistently in my life while operating a classroom. After three days off, I was happy to get back into the swing of things this morning; I always am. For oneContinue reading “The Complexity of Teaching”

Leros, the Life Metaphor

February is about to conclude. This seems odd to me because I feel like I’ve been on this tiny island in the Mediterranean for much longer than just six weeks. In this brief span of time, I’ve witnessed more than two dozen volunteers come and go. Some stayed for stretches of time, prior to myContinue reading “Leros, the Life Metaphor”

Two Dead Bodies and the Problem of the Season

Oversharing. This is something that happens a little too frequently here on Leros. For my liking, yes, but also in terms of program rules. As volunteers, we need to be careful about how close we become to the residents that we work with everyday. This is something that I will try to elaborate on moreContinue reading “Two Dead Bodies and the Problem of the Season”

Language is Not a Barrier

Working around such incredible people is inspiring. It also makes me want to be a better person and do more with my life. I’m realizing, as I grow older, that if I don’t set out to do the things that I feel as though I’ll eventually get to, they may never happen at all. AndContinue reading “Language is Not a Barrier”

Clothing Distribution

My first week here was not a regular week. I didn’t recognize this of course, but every week since has differed from the first. In the first week, we were “doing” distribution. Echo, the organization I’m working with, collects clothing donations for residents at the Hotspot. We currently have a separate location for storing donations,Continue reading “Clothing Distribution”

“People Were Dying In the Same Waters That We Swim In”

People were dying in the same waters that we swim in, so it was time to do something. We were certain the situation would only last for two months or so, then the war would be over or Europe would have taken over the situation. Here we are two and a half years later. -EchoContinue reading ““People Were Dying In the Same Waters That We Swim In””


For better or worse, a blog entry I wrote over a year ago has been featured on Catholic Volunteer Network. Three things come to mind here: First, I am not Catholic, but have a healthy amount of respect for much of the work that these Catholic organizations do. Second, this article was written almost exactlyContinue reading “Featured”

GuyaNEWS: The June Guyanese Newsletter

Here we are, my friends, at the end of month #10. Ten months down and one to go. As I write this, I have just over four weeks before my experience in Guyana concludes. As time has passed these last few weeks, I find myself ready for the experience to wrap up. I may feel somethingContinue reading “GuyaNEWS: The June Guyanese Newsletter”