100 Days Out: 7 Things I’m Still Grateful For

My feet left Guyana just over 100 days ago. This milestone has gotten me thinking about what has changed in my life since my return to the United States. Has Guyana had any lasting impact on me, anything that has at least remained for 100 days? Yes. And these are some of the things I’ve noticed: CleanContinue reading “100 Days Out: 7 Things I’m Still Grateful For”

“It’s Snowing At Altitude”

Expat Christmas On Friday evening, my roommates and I went out to Altitude; a club on the top floor of one of the taller buildings in GT. The place is “total denial”, designed for the elite of GT and for foreigners—it’s for people with money. It’s located in the same neighborhood as the gym thatContinue reading ““It’s Snowing At Altitude””

One Year of Bloggin’

Holy cow, somehow a whole year has gone by since I first started this little blog. Who would have known it would end up sticking with me throughout the whole year after my time in East Africa? I thought, for kicks, I would share the map below with you. In the last year, I haveContinue reading “One Year of Bloggin’”