News From the Refugee Trail: July Edition

I’m in the home stretch, as of this writing. In a few days, I’ll be departing Leros and moving on with my time in Europe and “on the refugee trail”. July has proven to be, yet again, another interesting month, filled with milestones and new experiences. The month began with my final three days ofContinue reading “News From the Refugee Trail: July Edition”

News From the Refugee Trail: May Edition

With May coming to a close, I’ve now wrapped up my seventh month on the island of Leros. The experience continues to be an adventure, and as each month is added to “the books”, I’m reminded of how the experience is constantly changing based on the length of time that I’ve been here. As ofContinue reading “News From the Refugee Trail: May Edition”

News From the Refugee Trail: January Edition

Greetings family and friends, As many of you know, I’m back in the European Union, doing another jaunt of volunteering for the majority of 2019. I left New York at the very end of October and, after a quick stop over in Africa to see an old friend, have firmly planted my feet on theContinue reading “News From the Refugee Trail: January Edition”

“I Forgive You”

Here’s an update on how the mediation with my fifth graders is going. So far, I’m really proud of them. At 10:15 every morning, those students in my class who have been behaving are allowed to take a fifteen minute break. Breaks typically mean that the boys run around outside, climb on something dangerous, orContinue reading ““I Forgive You””