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The Decade in Review

I’m sitting in my living room watching the daylight fade away at about 4:00 here in New York. The sun is making it’s final stand for 2019, which means that, not only is the year coming to an end, but … Continue reading

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Ioannina III

And just like that, I’m back in southern Greece, cruising on the Aegean, heading back “home” to Leros. I guess I can say “home” now because I have my own flat there, and my heart lives there too. When I … Continue reading

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Caught Between Africa and Europe

If I were a fish, I’d be so upset with myself for getting caught in this net that I would have wiggled and shaken and fought like hell to break myself free only to find myself more entangled, left with … Continue reading

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The Day I Broke Up With Normal

It’s been eight years since I broke the mold and dedicated my 20’s to adventuring around the globe. Continue reading

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19 Days in Bulgaria

I’m sitting comfortably on top of a pillow-top mattress on a queen size bed in my AirBnb on the outskirts of Sofia, Bulgaria. I’ve been in this country for nearly three weeks now. In a few hours, finally, I have … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere

It hit me today, as everyone is celebrating the beginning of summer, that I’ve just experienced my third summer solstice in a row. Having been in Antarctica in December when I would have seen a winter solstice, I was on … Continue reading

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Getting Mugged

Travel isn’t always a cakewalk. When you move around a lot, when you hopscotch from one country to another and spend weeks or months at a time living in unfamiliar places, people start to offer you suggestions, warnings. They automatically … Continue reading

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