“I Don’t Want to do This Anymore”

I cracked–just a little bit–this past week. Being on this island is no easy task and it’s been a long haul. When I think about my life here, I quickly remember that I’ve existed on this small little rock in the Mediterranean for an extraordinary amount of time. True, I didn’t know how long IContinue reading ““I Don’t Want to do This Anymore””

You’re Just One of Many

With Sunday wrapping up now, it’s a little daunting to be staring down the face of Monday morning again. What’s going to happen? After last week’s flood of new arrivals and hectic schedule, will there be any sense of normalcy established going forward? The weekends here on Leros are a peculiar thing for me. TheyContinue reading “You’re Just One of Many”


For better or worse, a blog entry I wrote over a year ago has been featured on Catholic Volunteer Network. Three things come to mind here: First, I am not Catholic, but have a healthy amount of respect for much of the work that these Catholic organizations do. Second, this article was written almost exactlyContinue reading “Featured”

The Graduate

When the school year began in September, there were three boys in my class. However, after a couple of days, another boy joined us in grade five. He was a floater, didn’t really have a class, had been marked as “handicapped” and didn’t have a place to go that could cater to his needs. So,Continue reading “The Graduate”

GuyaNEWS: The Guyanese January Newsletter

GuyaNEWS: The Guyanese January Newsletter It has been a very quiet (okay, silent) month on my blog. It would seem that after posting 31 posts in December I’ve just grown lazy here in the New Year, but these past few weeks have found me being anything but sluggish. Unlike in 2014, things seem to beContinue reading “GuyaNEWS: The Guyanese January Newsletter”

“It’s Part of the Culture”

Disclaimer: I think the following post is essentially all complaining. It’s me trying to process working in another culture. Proceed with caution. “If you have any questions just ask, otherwise nobody will say anything. That’s just part of the culture.” If I had a nickel for every time I heard, “that’s just part of theContinue reading ““It’s Part of the Culture””

“I Forgive You”

Here’s an update on how the mediation with my fifth graders is going. So far, I’m really proud of them. At 10:15 every morning, those students in my class who have been behaving are allowed to take a fifteen minute break. Breaks typically mean that the boys run around outside, climb on something dangerous, orContinue reading ““I Forgive You””

A Little Guy Time, Please!

When I arrived in Guyana, I was asked to stay after school each day to spend some quality “guy time” with the boys I work with. With all female teachers at school and all female matrons at their home, they spend very little time around men. This is why I find it so important thatContinue reading “A Little Guy Time, Please!”

“Breathe in God, Breathe in Light”

Shouting, screaming, yelling, they are all slightly different from one another. Under normal circumstances, I’d never be able to tell the difference between them. But here, at this orphanage, they are so common that I can depict them from each other. Boys are constantly being shrieked at, normally for doing things like hitting, playing withContinue reading ““Breathe in God, Breathe in Light””

My Number is Four

I have four students. Four boys. They make up my class this year. One American teacher, four Guyanese fifth graders. They are a mix of nine and ten-year-olds, all dwelling in the ophanage, but all coming from an array of backgrounds. Some are orphaned, some are half-orphaned, and others simply have families that cannot financiallyContinue reading “My Number is Four”