Instant Forgiveness

Here’s a journal entry from a few weeks back that never saw the light of day. It’s still completely relevant as school wraps up these next few days: Instant Forgiveness—I don’t even remember when I’m mad anymore. One of the coolest things I’ve learned this year is how to forgive instantaneously. I can be madContinue reading “Instant Forgiveness”

Retracing Encounters: The One That Changed My Life

1. Matthew One of the great loves of my life came into being the fall that I moved to Nome, Alaska to work at a non-profit radio station. Although I was the youngest member of our community, and he was the oldest, the connection I formed with Matthew was one of the coolest friendships I’veContinue reading “Retracing Encounters: The One That Changed My Life”

Retracing Encounters: Changing the World One Outfit and Song at a Time

3. Schotty Location of Interaction: Niagara Falls, NY We were quite the dynamic duo in college. We operated a column together in the school newspaper for a short period of time and we supported each other through each ridiculous crush and heartbreak we experienced. My girl Schotty is a breath of fresh air. She wasContinue reading “Retracing Encounters: Changing the World One Outfit and Song at a Time”


When I was fifteen, I taught myself how to never be bored. I’m a decade into this practice and still going strong. Although, this week, I’ve found myself saying the phrase “I’m bored”, I don’t actually mean it. I did have myself worried though, because I don’t think I’ve said that phrase in years. BoredomContinue reading “Boredom”

Give the Junkie What He Wants

You walk past a junkie on the street. He puts out his hand. How do you react? a. You ignore him. b. You smile and greet him. c. You make fun of him and walk away. d. You give him money. I presented this question to my fifth graders. They didn’t circle the right answer.Continue reading “Give the Junkie What He Wants”

Manatees in the Shark Tank

Life’s a shark tank, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a shark. It also doesn’t mean that you have to be a guppy. You don’t have to be helpless and you don’t have to be vicious. There’s another way of being. There’s another way to exist in the waters of society, ofContinue reading “Manatees in the Shark Tank”

Begin Again, Right Now

“A relationship is reborn whenever we see someone as they are right now and don’t hold them to who they were.” –Marianne Williamson Every moment is a chance to start over. At least, that’s what I try to tell myself. It’s not that everything from my past needs to be torn down and reconstructed, butContinue reading “Begin Again, Right Now”

Strength in Sorry

What is the matter with us, us human beings? Why do we not practice forgiveness, teach forgiveness, give forgiveness, accept forgiveness, ask for forgiveness on a daily basis? Gabby Bernstein calls it “the F word,” I assume to give it a little flavor. And I think, like lawyer-ing or doctor-ing, the only way to trulyContinue reading “Strength in Sorry”

Love Me Yet?

Are you going to love me right away or is it going to take a while? Last year, in the midst of a whirlwind year living in the Midwest, my roommate read a one-page passage to me from a book she was reading. I’m going to paraphrase, since I don’t remember the exact words sheContinue reading “Love Me Yet?”


This picture blew my mind the first time I saw it. In fact, I liked it so much that I made it my desktop photo on my computer when I initially saw it. Now, this photo was thrown back into my mind this afternoon as I was proctoring the second graders’ midterm examination. Through theContinue reading “Icebergs”