Filter Pride

I used to think of pride as this completely negative thing. I thought that pride was bad, no one should have any of it. I thought of pride as something that made a person conceited, too invested in their own small life. But the fact of the matter is, after six months in Guyana, Iโ€™mContinue reading “Filter Pride”

FAGBUG: Five Days That Changed Everything

I didn’t realize what an impact riding in the passenger seat of the Fagbug was going to have on me. Spending an undetermined amount of time driving 3,000 miles with a stranger is a daunting enough task, but throw in the fact that you’re driving the gayest car in the world across the country andContinue reading “FAGBUG: Five Days That Changed Everything”

FAGBUG: Reawakening the Inner Activist

Why would anyone in their right mind choose to drive five days and more than 3,000 miles across the country with a complete stranger? I found myself in Anchorage, Alaska during the opening weekend of their week long PRIDE events. At the opening event, a simple gathering of supporters in a downtown park, Erin Davies,Continue reading “FAGBUG: Reawakening the Inner Activist”