Coming Clean #3: Rinse Cycle

This topic hits a little closer to home. It may seem insensitive to just throw this out onto the internet, but this little “event” was so thoroughly publicized here in Guyana, that it doesn’t make a difference that I talk it out online. The story ended up on the front cover of the local newspapers.Continue reading “Coming Clean #3: Rinse Cycle”

“The boys desperately need someone who will listen to them.”

Here’s a journal entry from a few weeks back that never saw the light of day. It’s still completely relevant as school wraps up these next few days: “The boys desperately need someone who will listen to them.” With just those few words, it hit me. The boys don’t need to be listening to us;Continue reading ““The boys desperately need someone who will listen to them.””

Trains That Just Aren’t Coming

  Brené Brown speaks beautifully about the idea of vulnerability. She did a Ted Talk about her many years of research she has done on the subject. I recommend looking for it on Youtube, it is well worth watching. I recall this presentation that Brené made from time to time and remind myself of theContinue reading “Trains That Just Aren’t Coming”

Carry Me

When I found out that I would have three weeks for Christmas vacation, my first thought wasn’t joy, it was how am I going to fill the days? I decided that I would revisit my heart’s desire from when I first got to Guyana—to really try and connect with the boys at the orphanage. WithContinue reading “Carry Me”

Strength in Sorry

What is the matter with us, us human beings? Why do we not practice forgiveness, teach forgiveness, give forgiveness, accept forgiveness, ask for forgiveness on a daily basis? Gabby Bernstein calls it “the F word,” I assume to give it a little flavor. And I think, like lawyer-ing or doctor-ing, the only way to trulyContinue reading “Strength in Sorry”

Poem: Bedlam

Bedlam This place is chaos. Bedlam. There is no cleaning up the disorder. Bedlam. The anarchy runs through the gutters. Bedlam. Disarray defines the souls and streets. Bedlam. Turmoil lives in the hearts, in the being. Bedlam. The mayhem ricochets from one to the other. Bedlam. This destruction is turmoil, wreaking havoc. Bedlam. Inhale theContinue reading “Poem: Bedlam”

Love Me Yet?

Are you going to love me right away or is it going to take a while? Last year, in the midst of a whirlwind year living in the Midwest, my roommate read a one-page passage to me from a book she was reading. I’m going to paraphrase, since I don’t remember the exact words sheContinue reading “Love Me Yet?”

Horrors of Half-Orphans

I will never know what it’s like to be an orphan—thanks Mom! The stories I’ve heard at length or in pieces here and there throughout my time in the school and on the orphanage grounds have been nothing short of heartbreaking. Here, I exist among these wonderful little boys and young adults, and the longerContinue reading “Horrors of Half-Orphans”

“Boys Will Be Boys” (Part 1)

This phrase is said too often around the orphanage where I work. The fact of the matter is, saying things like “boys will be boys” offers too much of an excuse for poor behavior and not listening to instructions. Whenever an adult says, “boys will be boys”, my response is “oh, boy.” I look overContinue reading ““Boys Will Be Boys” (Part 1)”