News From the Refugee Trail: January Edition

Greetings family and friends, As many of you know, I’m back in the European Union, doing another jaunt of volunteering for the majority of 2019. I left New York at the very end of October and, after a quick stop over in Africa to see an old friend, have firmly planted my feet on theContinue reading “News From the Refugee Trail: January Edition”

GuyaNEWS: The June Guyanese Newsletter

Here we are, my friends, at the end of month #10. Ten months down and one to go. As I write this, I have just over four weeks before my experience in Guyana concludes. As time has passed these last few weeks, I find myself ready for the experience to wrap up. I may feel somethingContinue reading “GuyaNEWS: The June Guyanese Newsletter”

GuyaNEWS: The March Guyanese Newsletter

GuyaNEWS: March Welcome to this, the seventh, edition of GuyaNEWS. As always, it’s hard to wrap my head around how much time has passed since my adventure in South America began, but I’m always ready to look back over the past month and recap the unique things I’ve been able to do while living in Guyana.Continue reading “GuyaNEWS: The March Guyanese Newsletter”

GuyaNEWS – The Guyanese October Newsletter

Greetings Friends, It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a month since the last time I wrote. Even harder to believe, it’s been two months since I was on North America. I hope this letter finds you feeling happy, healthy and filled with passion. I’m quickly becoming more comfortable with my new life inContinue reading “GuyaNEWS – The Guyanese October Newsletter”

GuyaNEWS – The Guyanese September Newsletter

GuyaNEWS – September 2014 Greetings Friends, Ever since applying to work internationally last year, it was always my intention to stay in touch with everyone back home in the United States. Now that I’ve been living abroad for nearly a month, I figured it was a great time to send out my first e-mail update.Continue reading “GuyaNEWS – The Guyanese September Newsletter”