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I Love Cheap Thrills

Come on, come on, turn the radio on. It’s Friday night and it won’t be long. When leaving the Hub most days, I know that it won’t just take me the five perceived minutes that it should for me to … Continue reading

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Acceptance and Faith

Coming off of my year of “teaching love” in Guyana, I came across this quote  as I was accepting my current job position half a year ago and stepping into the role of middle school science teacher. The words struck … Continue reading

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All the Love We Cannot See

The hate. Oh, the hate. It makes me spin. But the light! The Light: The darkest boy. There’s a boy at this third job that I work at. He has dark skin. All of the kids are black, but as … Continue reading

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A Year With Love

Spend a year with a word.  Is this a thing that people do? Was it a fad a while back that I completely missed out on? It sounded familiar to me as a woman spit the suggestion out in my … Continue reading

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Open Letter to My Students

Dear Boy, You’ve got so much potential. Are you ready to unlock it? I am. Would you like my help? I’m here if you need me. Do you know what it means to have someone “in your corner”? Because I’m … Continue reading

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Trains That Just Aren’t Coming

  Brené Brown speaks beautifully about the idea of vulnerability. She did a Ted Talk about her many years of research she has done on the subject. I recommend looking for it on Youtube, it is well worth watching. I … Continue reading

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Retracing Encounters: The One That Changed My Life

1. Matthew One of the great loves of my life came into being the fall that I moved to Nome, Alaska to work at a non-profit radio station. Although I was the youngest member of our community, and he was … Continue reading

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