Most People in Life Are Only Visitors

Life is a book. People are chapters. When I used to think of my life, I used to divide my life up by the years that came and went. Every year was a different chapter. I thought about my existence in terms of the number of trips I had taken around the sun. I changedContinue reading “Most People in Life Are Only Visitors”

A Final Thought: The 3 D’s

A year and a half ago, I didn’t know that the country of Guyana existed. After doing some fierce google-ing however, it quickly became my dream to volunteer here for one year and to work and interact with the residents of Bosco Orphanage in Plaisance, Guyana. The next thing I knew, after a rigorous applicationContinue reading “A Final Thought: The 3 D’s”

What’s up in Guyana

Ohhhhhhhhh, here I am at the end of a two week stint in which I’ve neglected this blog. I hate when this happens because it feels like I’m leaving a piece of the story of my year out, but I’ll get around to updating what has happened in recent history. I have a number ofContinue reading “What’s up in Guyana”

“I Will Show Them What Heaven Looks Like”

There is no such thing as having a bad day. That idea exists, but nothing more. The fact that we as humans can write off an entire day simply because two or three negative things happened is lunacy. Even worse, I’ve heard people announce the week rotten, just because something negative happened on both MondayContinue reading ““I Will Show Them What Heaven Looks Like””

Poem: Weave

Weave. It’s what they say to do. In Guyana, we weave. Weave between the buildings, between the social constructs, between the crowds. We weave, between the gutters or the ditches, between the sidewalks or the side of the road, between the vacant lots or tumbling homes. In Guyana, you weave. Weave. Between the Indos andContinue reading “Poem: Weave”

Prince Kūhiō Day

So, it turns out March 26th is a holiday, but only in Hawai’i. While many students and workers around the country enjoy a day off (or perhaps even a week off) around the Easter season, in Hawai’i students, bank tellers, state employees, etc. are all given an extra day off to celebrate Prince Kuhio. ThisContinue reading “Prince Kūhiō Day”