Gay in Guyana

I touched on this topic just barely in my latest newsletter, but I thought I’d tackle this idea of homophobia and ignorance toward gay people in Guyana a little bit more right now. As I stated before, I tend to experience the negative thoughts and feelings that people seem to have toward gay people moreContinue reading “Gay in Guyana”

GuyaNEWS: The Guyanese January Newsletter

GuyaNEWS: The Guyanese January Newsletter It has been a very quiet (okay, silent) month on my blog. It would seem that after posting 31 posts in December I’ve just grown lazy here in the New Year, but these past few weeks have found me being anything but sluggish. Unlike in 2014, things seem to beContinue reading “GuyaNEWS: The Guyanese January Newsletter”

“I Will Show Them What Heaven Looks Like”

There is no such thing as having a bad day. That idea exists, but nothing more. The fact that we as humans can write off an entire day simply because two or three negative things happened is lunacy. Even worse, I’ve heard people announce the week rotten, just because something negative happened on both MondayContinue reading ““I Will Show Them What Heaven Looks Like””