100 Days Out: Off the Refugee Trail

When I returned from Guyana back in 2015, I wrote a post after 100 days of being back in America. I wanted to take a moment to check in with myself about how I was adjusting to everything. I’m now at that point again, having returned from Greece 100 days ago. This is the triedContinue reading “100 Days Out: Off the Refugee Trail”

100 Days Out: 7 Things I’m Still Grateful For

My feet left Guyana just over 100 days ago. This milestone has gotten me thinking about what has changed in my life since my return to the United States. Has Guyana had any lasting impact on me, anything that has at least remained for 100 days? Yes. And these are some of the things I’ve noticed: CleanContinue reading “100 Days Out: 7 Things I’m Still Grateful For”

Welcome to Hawaii, Mom!

Yup, my mother came to see me on my little rock in the ocean. She and I first came to Hawaii together last January when we vacationed in Kauai. Now, we’re on Molokai. We’re thinking about making Hawaiian vacations an annual thing. It is always so nice to have a little taste of home whileContinue reading “Welcome to Hawaii, Mom!”