“This Class Will Be Yours”

Well, here I am again, in the internet café, fighting to make this computer work and pounding out another blog post. It has been an eventful week at school. I’m thankful tomorrow is Friday, to say the least. I’m quickly falling in love with this job of mine. After a little bit of worrying overContinue reading ““This Class Will Be Yours””

Meeting My Guru

There is one big city in the Midwest, and that city is called Chicago. St. Louis is just a cute little dot on a map compared to Chi Town. Not that I’m really into being around big cities, but two weekends ago I was able to make the four and a half hour drive northContinue reading “Meeting My Guru”

FAGBUG: Denial vs. Disowning

No matter where you go in this life, you’re going to find people everyday who are struggling to accept who they are. Maybe they’ll have a problem with their weight. Maybe they’ll not be satisfied with a relationship in their life. Or, perhaps, maybe they’ll be struggling to figure out what to do with theirContinue reading “FAGBUG: Denial vs. Disowning”