Filter Pride

I used to think of pride as this completely negative thing. I thought that pride was bad, no one should have any of it. I thought of pride as something that made a person conceited, too invested in their own small life. But the fact of the matter is, after six months in Guyana, I’mContinue reading “Filter Pride”

GuyaNEWS – December Guyanese Update

Happy New Year! Here’s hoping you are experiencing a terrific holiday season. I’ve just wrapped my first Guyanese Christmas and find myself on the conveyor belt of time, quickly headed into the new year. Life really is like a roll of toilet paper, the further along you get, the faster it goes. How is 2014Continue reading “GuyaNEWS – December Guyanese Update”

GuyaNEWS – The Guyanese November Newsletter

Greetings Friends, This is your South American update from balmy Guyana. It’s December 2nd and it’s still humid and in the high-eighties on a daily basis. While you may be experiencing freezing temperatures and snow, Guyana is entering its first rainy season since I’ve been here. I’ve been warned time and time again that IContinue reading “GuyaNEWS – The Guyanese November Newsletter”

Diwali Church Fair

A week ago last Thursday, the Catholic church in the village that I work in held their annual church fair on the Hindu holiday of Diwali. It was a day off in the middle of the work week and it was much appreciated. The little fair cost $100 to get in (about 50 cents inContinue reading “Diwali Church Fair”

Riding the Mini-Bus

Here’s a few photos about what it looks like to ride in one of Guyana’s mini-buses. These photos were taken last Saturday morning after my three roommates and I were transporting ten boys from the swimming pool in downtown Georgetown to the orphanage thirty minutes away. The bus drivers literally fought over our large group,Continue reading “Riding the Mini-Bus”


Thursday was a holiday, the Hindu holiday of Diwali. I’ll post more on this later, with photos. But for now, this is what my Wednesday evening and night looked like, because, you know, it’s Diwali. It’s fun to live in a country with many different cultures. We’re all so different. We all have so muchContinue reading “Diwali”

“Breathe in God, Breathe in Light”

Shouting, screaming, yelling, they are all slightly different from one another. Under normal circumstances, I’d never be able to tell the difference between them. But here, at this orphanage, they are so common that I can depict them from each other. Boys are constantly being shrieked at, normally for doing things like hitting, playing withContinue reading ““Breathe in God, Breathe in Light””