“School’s Full”

We are no longer accepting new registrations at the Hub. This means that people who arrive on the island from today on will not be able to come to our school to attend classes or to our library to study. Of all of the Hotspots, all the refugee camps in Greece, Leros was often lookedContinue reading ““School’s Full””

300 Single Men

Our tiny volunteer team is beginning to wear down ever so slightly during this hectic week, but we’re powering through! Three new volunteers will arrive tomorrow morning on the flight from Athens and we’ll be reinvigorated by our first set of newbies since the new year has begun. With the Hotspot beyond capacity at theContinue reading “300 Single Men”

Late Night Bonding, Early Morning Reflecting

The waitress brings out a tray held leisurely at her side to the table I’m sitting at out in the sunshine on the porch of the cafe. She’s probably about 50 years old and has her hair pulled into a ponytail and is waiting tables in sweatpants, which gives permission to the patrons to be atContinue reading “Late Night Bonding, Early Morning Reflecting”

Athens to Leros, Ferrying Forward

Journal entry from Friday, 16 November, 2018: I’ve just wrapped up four days in Athens after flying in from Cabo Verde on Monday. The time passed so quickly, but I found myself completely engrossed in the city and the people there for the entirety of my time there. Unlike my previous two trips to Athens,Continue reading “Athens to Leros, Ferrying Forward”

“Volunteering, Why Do You Do This?”

This evening, I found myself sitting around a small coffee table in a one room AirBNB with three other men. Eight months ago, they all lived in the Leros Hotspot, a refugee camp on an island near Turkey. I volunteered there, working with them for nearly 3 months. Now, they have all been granted differentContinue reading ““Volunteering, Why Do You Do This?””

The Year Ahead

With the summer behind me, I now have my sights set entirely on the European continent. Funny enough, I’m writing this post from an African country, but my attention is indeed turning toward Europe. I spent the summer back at the Omega Institute for a third time, completing my second full six-month season, and officiallyContinue reading “The Year Ahead”

My Biggest Travel Mistake (So Far)

When it comes to travel, there are so many different ways to mess up. I’ve made a couple of unintelligent moves while traveling in my travel years, but this one deserves its own blog entry for certain. Upon having to leave the Schengen Zone (read more about my abrupt exit from the EU here), IContinue reading “My Biggest Travel Mistake (So Far)”

The Simplicity of Driving

Many days, after I’ve finished teaching English, I become a driver. I just kind of morph into something new. I like this. As volunteers, we do a variety of different things. But my favorite combination of tasks is teaching English in the morning and then driving in the afternoon. After being in the classroom, evenContinue reading “The Simplicity of Driving”