First Goosebumps of the Year

There was a moment today that gave me goose bumps. This may have been the first time that this happened to me this year, so I have to share what happened. There have been many happy, life-altering moments in the classroom over the course of the last nine months, but a moment today took theContinue reading “First Goosebumps of the Year”

My Classroom

I can’t say I ever thought I would have my own classroom, but now that I have one, I like the idea of taking charge of a class. All of the classes I failed to enjoy in high school and college come rushing back to me each time I realize this is my chance toContinue reading “My Classroom”


Upon returning to work on Monday, I was able to pull myself out of the funk I had found myself in and set out to have a positive day. There’s something to refocusing your energy while you sleep so you wake up refreshed, ready to start anew. Also, the most important thing one can doContinue reading ““Thieves””

“I Forgive You”

Here’s an update on how the mediation with my fifth graders is going. So far, I’m really proud of them. At 10:15 every morning, those students in my class who have been behaving are allowed to take a fifteen minute break. Breaks typically mean that the boys run around outside, climb on something dangerous, orContinue reading ““I Forgive You””

“This Class Will Be Yours”

Well, here I am again, in the internet café, fighting to make this computer work and pounding out another blog post. It has been an eventful week at school. I’m thankful tomorrow is Friday, to say the least. I’m quickly falling in love with this job of mine. After a little bit of worrying overContinue reading ““This Class Will Be Yours””