GuyaNEWS: Flooding and a Funeral

This newsletter is a little different than the first eight that I’ve sent out over the course of my nearly ten months living in Guyana. For starters, this newsletter is late arriving to you. However, unlike my other newsletters, this update isn’t going to be a recap of the previous month I’ve just finished living out inContinue reading “GuyaNEWS: Flooding and a Funeral”

“Guyana, The Land of Many Waters”

After an entire day being held up in my house due to extreme flooding, in the late afternoon, I managed to find a dry path to the road and walked down the street. I overheard one of my neighbors glancing at the damage from the flooding and saying to her relative, “This is Guyana, theContinue reading ““Guyana, The Land of Many Waters””

“A Real Teacher Hits Their Students”

At least, this is what one of my fifth graders told me this morning. I paused at the blackboard in response to this and did my best to address the issue at hand. I fished a few more questions out of him, attempting to gain a better understanding of where his words were coming from.Continue reading ““A Real Teacher Hits Their Students””

Poem: Weave

Weave. It’s what they say to do. In Guyana, we weave. Weave between the buildings, between the social constructs, between the crowds. We weave, between the gutters or the ditches, between the sidewalks or the side of the road, between the vacant lots or tumbling homes. In Guyana, you weave. Weave. Between the Indos andContinue reading “Poem: Weave”

GuyaNEWS – The Guyanese September Newsletter

GuyaNEWS – September 2014 Greetings Friends, Ever since applying to work internationally last year, it was always my intention to stay in touch with everyone back home in the United States. Now that I’ve been living abroad for nearly a month, I figured it was a great time to send out my first e-mail update.Continue reading “GuyaNEWS – The Guyanese September Newsletter”

Guyana, Where Everyone Has Your Back

I’ve navigated my way through the work week and am currently experiencing my first “real” weekend in Georgetown. The adjustment period continues as I’m still desperately trying to get my footing and develop some sense of normalcy, something that I should stop looking for so I can just go with the flow. Alas, we’ll seeContinue reading “Guyana, Where Everyone Has Your Back”

“Welcome Back to Prison, I Mean School” -DJ on the Radio

The first day of school was today. School started at 8:30, so I left my house at 7:30 and caught two buses out to the orphanage. I’m happy to say that I knew where I was the entire time, transferred easily, and had no issues giving the drivers directions or with paying. This is aContinue reading ““Welcome Back to Prison, I Mean School” -DJ on the Radio”

“You Don’t Have to Be Crazy to Live in Guyana, But it Doesn’t Hurt”-Sr. Admi

I’ve arrived in Georgetown, Guyana and my new adventure for the year has kicked off to a brilliant start. Our day of travel on Monday was long and consisted of 5 airports, including the troubling airport of Miami and a brief layover at the Port of Spain in Trinidad. Other than being immensely tired fromContinue reading ““You Don’t Have to Be Crazy to Live in Guyana, But it Doesn’t Hurt”-Sr. Admi”