Tell Me About Kraveta

Since leaving Greece in March, I’ve kept in close contact with four of the refugees I met and worked with while on the island of Leros. These relationships have, at times, felt extremely fruitful and at other times lacking, simply in that they exist over the internet. We exchange text messages mostly, but have theContinue reading “Tell Me About Kraveta”

Most People in Life Are Only Visitors

Life is a book. People are chapters. When I used to think of my life, I used to divide my life up by the years that came and went. Every year was a different chapter. I thought about my existence in terms of the number of trips I had taken around the sun. I changedContinue reading “Most People in Life Are Only Visitors”

Retracing Encounters: The One That Changed My Life

1. Matthew One of the great loves of my life came into being the fall that I moved to Nome, Alaska to work at a non-profit radio station. Although I was the youngest member of our community, and he was the oldest, the connection I formed with Matthew was one of the coolest friendships I’veContinue reading “Retracing Encounters: The One That Changed My Life”

Retracing Encounters: Changing the World One Outfit and Song at a Time

3. Schotty Location of Interaction: Niagara Falls, NY We were quite the dynamic duo in college. We operated a column together in the school newspaper for a short period of time and we supported each other through each ridiculous crush and heartbreak we experienced. My girl Schotty is a breath of fresh air. She wasContinue reading “Retracing Encounters: Changing the World One Outfit and Song at a Time”

Retracing Encounters: Two Extraordinary Lives

7. Erin Location of interaction: Anchorage, Alaska (initially) I met Erin during a sporadic trip I took to Alaska in 2013 when I moved out of Hawaii. I was only in Anchorage for two weeks or so, but during that time period Anchorage Pride was taking place. As part of a personal goal she hadContinue reading “Retracing Encounters: Two Extraordinary Lives”

GuyaNEWS – December Guyanese Update

Happy New Year! Here’s hoping you are experiencing a terrific holiday season. I’ve just wrapped my first Guyanese Christmas and find myself on the conveyor belt of time, quickly headed into the new year. Life really is like a roll of toilet paper, the further along you get, the faster it goes. How is 2014Continue reading “GuyaNEWS – December Guyanese Update”

Diwali Church Fair

A week ago last Thursday, the Catholic church in the village that I work in held their annual church fair on the Hindu holiday of Diwali. It was a day off in the middle of the work week and it was much appreciated. The little fair cost $100 to get in (about 50 cents inContinue reading “Diwali Church Fair”