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Ioannina III

And just like that, I’m back in southern Greece, cruising on the Aegean, heading back “home” to Leros. I guess I can say “home” now because I have my own flat there, and my heart lives there too. When I … Continue reading

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Tell Me About Kraveta

Since leaving Greece in March, I’ve kept in close contact with four of the refugees I met and worked with while on the island of Leros. These relationships have, at times, felt extremely fruitful and at other times lacking, simply … Continue reading

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Most People in Life Are Only Visitors

Life is a book. People are chapters. When I used to think of my life, I used to divide my life up by the years that came and went. Every year was a different chapter. I thought about my existence … Continue reading

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Retracing Encounters: The One That Changed My Life

1. Matthew One of the great loves of my life came into being the fall that I moved to Nome, Alaska to work at a non-profit radio station. Although I was the youngest member of our community, and he was … Continue reading

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Retracing Encounters: Changing the World One Outfit and Song at a Time

3. Schotty Location of Interaction: Niagara Falls, NY We were quite the dynamic duo in college. We operated a column together in the school newspaper for a short period of time and we supported each other through each ridiculous crush … Continue reading

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Retracing Encounters: Two Extraordinary Lives

7. Erin Location of interaction: Anchorage, Alaska (initially) I met Erin during a sporadic trip I took to Alaska in 2013 when I moved out of Hawaii. I was only in Anchorage for two weeks or so, but during that … Continue reading

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GuyaNEWS – December Guyanese Update

Happy New Year! Here’s hoping you are experiencing a terrific holiday season. I’ve just wrapped my first Guyanese Christmas and find myself on the conveyor belt of time, quickly headed into the new year. Life really is like a roll … Continue reading

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