A Greek Christmas

Christmas is still such a strange concept to me. As a child, I would have never imagined myself being away from the people that I love most on this particular holiday, but adulthood has proven to be more complicated than my little self ever could have imagined. Not only have a spent more than halfContinue reading “A Greek Christmas”

Holiday Recap

This is what the holiday looked like in Guyana for me: The orphanage where I work empties out once each year for Christmas Day and Boxing Day. For these two days, every staff member is given the time off and the boys all split up and go to different locations to give the orphanage aContinue reading “Holiday Recap”

GuyaNEWS – December Guyanese Update

Happy New Year! Here’s hoping you are experiencing a terrific holiday season. I’ve just wrapped my first Guyanese Christmas and find myself on the conveyor belt of time, quickly headed into the new year. Life really is like a roll of toilet paper, the further along you get, the faster it goes. How is 2014Continue reading “GuyaNEWS – December Guyanese Update”