50 Escalator Rides and a Movie?

Earlier this month, a new mall opened right outside of the city of Georgetown. I went there for the first time yesterday and was completely taken aback by how much like the developed world it was. Other than the fact that many of the stores are still vacant, it could easily have been a mallContinue reading “50 Escalator Rides and a Movie?”

“The boys desperately need someone who will listen to them.”

Here’s a journal entry from a few weeks back that never saw the light of day. It’s still completely relevant as school wraps up these next few days: “The boys desperately need someone who will listen to them.” With just those few words, it hit me. The boys don’t need to be listening to us;Continue reading ““The boys desperately need someone who will listen to them.””

What’s up in Guyana

Ohhhhhhhhh, here I am at the end of a two week stint in which I’ve neglected this blog. I hate when this happens because it feels like I’m leaving a piece of the story of my year out, but I’ll get around to updating what has happened in recent history. I have a number ofContinue reading “What’s up in Guyana”

GuyaNEWS: Flooding and a Funeral

This newsletter is a little different than the first eight that I’ve sent out over the course of my nearly ten months living in Guyana. For starters, this newsletter is late arriving to you. However, unlike my other newsletters, this update isn’t going to be a recap of the previous month I’ve just finished living out inContinue reading “GuyaNEWS: Flooding and a Funeral”

“Sir, This Fair is Lame. There Are No Girls.”

I’ve had a busy few weeks over the course of this month. I much prefer to post my blogs in order that things are happening, but at this point, I think it’s best to just post what I can for now and then back track later if time allows. I think, in the end, it’sContinue reading ““Sir, This Fair is Lame. There Are No Girls.””


There are many Hindus in Guyana. Therefore, there are Hindu holidays to be celebrated. At the beginning of this month, I celebrated one of those holidays. In some places, they call it “Holi”, but for the most part, in Guyana, it is referred to as Phagwah. To celebrate Phagwah, I went to three different celebrationsContinue reading “Phagwah”

Trains That Just Aren’t Coming

  Brené Brown speaks beautifully about the idea of vulnerability. She did a Ted Talk about her many years of research she has done on the subject. I recommend looking for it on Youtube, it is well worth watching. I recall this presentation that Brené made from time to time and remind myself of theContinue reading “Trains That Just Aren’t Coming”

GuyaNEWS: The February Guyanese Newsletter

GuyaNEWS: The February Guyanese Newsletter I’ve been slowly compiling things to write about for this newsletter over the course of the month. Finally, after much anticipation, my roommates and I were able to venture off to Kaiteur, the largest single drop waterfall in the world, which sits cozily in the interior of Guyana. We, asContinue reading “GuyaNEWS: The February Guyanese Newsletter”

Dream It, Do It, Detach From It

Some wise advice my mother once gave me: “dream it, do it, detach from it.” At first glance, this may seem like a troubling way to go about one’s life. I’m supposed to detach from things? What does that entail exactly? Does that even make sense? On the contrary, I’ve actually realized over time thatContinue reading “Dream It, Do It, Detach From It”