100 Days Out: Off the Refugee Trail

When I returned from Guyana back in 2015, I wrote a post after 100 days of being back in America. I wanted to take a moment to check in with myself about how I was adjusting to everything. I’m now at that point again, having returned from Greece 100 days ago. This is the triedContinue reading “100 Days Out: Off the Refugee Trail”

GuyaNEWS: Flooding and a Funeral

This newsletter is a little different than the first eight that I’ve sent out over the course of my nearly ten months living in Guyana. For starters, this newsletter is late arriving to you. However, unlike my other newsletters, this update isn’t going to be a recap of the previous month I’ve just finished living out inContinue reading “GuyaNEWS: Flooding and a Funeral”

Let’s Go to the Movies

There are a number of things that either straight up do not exist or barely exist in Guyana. I’ve been planning to write a post about some of these things for some time now. Unfortunately, this post is not that time. One of these things, however, that I will be mentioning in this future post,Continue reading “Let’s Go to the Movies”

GuyaNEWS: The April Guyanese Newsletter

Welcome to this edition of GuyaNEWS, everything you didn’t know you wanted to know about Guyana! In the past month, I had my first (and only) visitor to Guyana, returned for a second time to the world’s largest single-drop waterfall, dealt with the ramifications of malaria head on, and experienced my first official blow toContinue reading “GuyaNEWS: The April Guyanese Newsletter”


Getting heckled on the streets of Guyana is a common occurrence. I’ve witnessed this happening hundreds of times in the eight months that I’ve lived in this country. I’ve seen it happen to a variety of people—to women, to the Chinese, to people of mixed races, and, of course, to white people. Since I’ve spentContinue reading “Anti-Man”

Gay in Guyana

I touched on this topic just barely in my latest newsletter, but I thought I’d tackle this idea of homophobia and ignorance toward gay people in Guyana a little bit more right now. As I stated before, I tend to experience the negative thoughts and feelings that people seem to have toward gay people moreContinue reading “Gay in Guyana”

GuyaNEWS: The Guyanese January Newsletter

GuyaNEWS: The Guyanese January Newsletter It has been a very quiet (okay, silent) month on my blog. It would seem that after posting 31 posts in December I’ve just grown lazy here in the New Year, but these past few weeks have found me being anything but sluggish. Unlike in 2014, things seem to beContinue reading “GuyaNEWS: The Guyanese January Newsletter”

Carry Me

When I found out that I would have three weeks for Christmas vacation, my first thought wasn’t joy, it was how am I going to fill the days? I decided that I would revisit my heart’s desire from when I first got to Guyana—to really try and connect with the boys at the orphanage. WithContinue reading “Carry Me”

Manatees in the Shark Tank

Life’s a shark tank, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a shark. It also doesn’t mean that you have to be a guppy. You don’t have to be helpless and you don’t have to be vicious. There’s another way of being. There’s another way to exist in the waters of society, ofContinue reading “Manatees in the Shark Tank”