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On Time

Time is a funny thing. Sometimes, it doesn’t seem like there is enough of it. Other times, there can be too much of it. It can get away from you. It can heal you. As an American, I’ve spent a … Continue reading

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Late Night Bonding, Early Morning Reflecting

The waitress brings out a tray held leisurely at her side to the table I’m sitting at out in the sunshine on the porch of the cafe. She’s probably about 50 years old and has her hair pulled into a┬áponytail … Continue reading

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But When Are We Going to Help People?

Over a year ago, when my time in Antarctica had concluded, I landed in New Zealand and went for a long walk. New Zealand as positioned above Antarctica. After meandering down from the city of Christchurch on the southern island … Continue reading

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Caught Between Africa and Europe

If I were a fish, I’d be so upset with myself for getting caught in this net that I would have wiggled and shaken and fought like hell to break myself free only to find myself more entangled, left with … Continue reading

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The Year Ahead

With the summer behind me, I now have my sights set entirely on the European continent. Funny enough, I’m writing this post from an African country, but my attention is indeed turning toward Europe. I spent the summer back at … Continue reading

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Tell Me About Kraveta

Since leaving Greece in March, I’ve kept in close contact with four of the refugees I met and worked with while on the island of Leros. These relationships have, at times, felt extremely fruitful and at other times lacking, simply … Continue reading

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Most People in Life Are Only Visitors

Life is a book. People are chapters. When I used to think of my life, I used to divide my life up by the years that came and went. Every year was a different chapter. I thought about my existence … Continue reading

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