Which Side of the Street Do You Live On?

Do you know who you are?    Has this phrase become “a thing” in recent history? It seems as though I’ve seen it used as a theme in television shows, internet memes, video clips, and blog entries. Did I miss the do you know who you are boat? When I was in Guyana, with limitedContinue reading “Which Side of the Street Do You Live On?”

The Equality House

It’s been 2 and a half years since I took my maiden voyage in the Fagbug. Remember that trip I took from Seattle to New York in that rainbow car in the summer of 2013? If you don’t, you can check it out here: Day 1    Day 2    Day 3    Day 4    DayContinue reading “The Equality House”


Getting heckled on the streets of Guyana is a common occurrence. I’ve witnessed this happening hundreds of times in the eight months that I’ve lived in this country. I’ve seen it happen to a variety of people—to women, to the Chinese, to people of mixed races, and, of course, to white people. Since I’ve spentContinue reading “Anti-Man”

Gay in Guyana

I touched on this topic just barely in my latest newsletter, but I thought I’d tackle this idea of homophobia and ignorance toward gay people in Guyana a little bit more right now. As I stated before, I tend to experience the negative thoughts and feelings that people seem to have toward gay people moreContinue reading “Gay in Guyana”

FAGBUG: Why I Drove Three Thousand Miles With a Stranger

So why did I do it? Why did I get into a rainbow car with a complete stranger and drive 3,000 miles across the country? The answer is simple: life is short. Life is really, really short. So why are you waiting to live? That is a question I ask myself whenever I feel likeContinue reading “FAGBUG: Why I Drove Three Thousand Miles With a Stranger”

FAGBUG: Denial vs. Disowning

No matter where you go in this life, you’re going to find people everyday who are struggling to accept who they are. Maybe they’ll have a problem with their weight. Maybe they’ll not be satisfied with a relationship in their life. Or, perhaps, maybe they’ll be struggling to figure out what to do with theirContinue reading “FAGBUG: Denial vs. Disowning”

FAGBUG: Five Days That Changed Everything

I didn’t realize what an impact riding in the passenger seat of the Fagbug was going to have on me. Spending an undetermined amount of time driving 3,000 miles with a stranger is a daunting enough task, but throw in the fact that you’re driving the gayest car in the world across the country andContinue reading “FAGBUG: Five Days That Changed Everything”

FAGBUG: To Be or Not to Be Fabulous?

Too often we mistake the whole idea of being gay as a choice. While gliding down one of the endless country highways in Montana while sitting in the passenger seat of the Fagbug, staring out at the rolling grass and the distant hills, this hit me: the choice isn’t whether or not to be gay,Continue reading “FAGBUG: To Be or Not to Be Fabulous?”