Hawaii in Review: The (Very) Endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal

The Hawaiian Monk Seal is a critically endangered marine animal that is native to the Hawaiian Islands. I knew that this kind of seal existed long before my arrival on the island of Moloka’i, but I never thought that I’d get the chance to actually see one of these rare beauties in person. With numbersContinue reading “Hawaii in Review: The (Very) Endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal”

Alaska and Hawaii: A Comparison in Photos

These Alaskan photos are from April 2011, the Hawaiian ones are from March 2013. In April 2011, an old college roommate of mine came to visit me in Alaska. These photos were taken on a hike that we were on that was only suppose to take two hours; however, April in western Alaska is aContinue reading “Alaska and Hawaii: A Comparison in Photos”

Island-wide Power Outage

I woke up this morning to a digital clock that was dark, a ceiling fan that was no longer spinning, and lights that would not turn on. That’s right, I was experiencing my very first power outage on Moloka’i. I assumed the lack of power was limited to just my apartment, so I didn’t thinkContinue reading “Island-wide Power Outage”

Welcome to Hawaii, Mom!

Yup, my mother came to see me on my little rock in the ocean. She and I first came to Hawaii together last January when we vacationed in Kauai. Now, we’re on Molokai. We’re thinking about making Hawaiian vacations an annual thing. It is always so nice to have a little taste of home whileContinue reading “Welcome to Hawaii, Mom!”

The Perfect Aloha Weekend

The spirit of Aloha must have bit me in the butt because I am in a great mood. I do believe I am coming off of the perfect Hawaiian weekend. When I set out to move to Hawaii, I wasn’t sure exactly what I was looking to achieve here, but after a weekend like this,Continue reading “The Perfect Aloha Weekend”

Easter in Hawaii

While most of the island took the day off, as well as the two previous days, my neighbors, Jesse and Sam, and I decided to make a little extra money this morning. Before this weekend, I wasn’t sure how I was going to end up spending my Easter Sunday, but now that it’s coming toContinue reading “Easter in Hawaii”