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2 Easy Ways to Save the Planet

You wanna save┬áthe planet? Buckle up, and get in the game. Are you ready for this? You’re about to think I’m┬áthreatening your diet, but don’t panic, just keep reading. Someone wise once told me that you cannot call yourself an … Continue reading

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A Return to Vegan Country

When you live with vegans, you tend to eat what they eat. It’s just easier that way. Since my current housemates live on a higher plain of existence, I’ve adjusted my diet to make our dining experience more enjoyable. Here … Continue reading

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Easter in Hawaii

While most of the island took the day off, as well as the two previous days, my neighbors, Jesse and Sam, and I decided to make a little extra money this morning. Before this weekend, I wasn’t sure how I … Continue reading

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Random Things the Vacation Packages Don’t Tell You About Hawai’i

When you move to Hawai’i you expect to be met with a variety of different things. When I turn on my radio here all I have to do is turn the dial a little and I’m listening to the easy … Continue reading

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(Hawaiian) Holiday Barbeque

Back in the Northeast, where I spent my childhood, barbequing is a way of welcoming the summer season and saying farewell to the summer season. I’m talking about Memorial Day and Labor Day. But here in Hawai’i, President’s Day works … Continue reading

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