The 10th Anniversary!

It’s September 4, 2020. That means it’s officially the ten year anniversary of when I jetted off to Nome, Alaska and started living my life. I say “living my life” with much enthusiasm because, as is the whole point to this website, I really didn’t take advantage of all life had to offer before the magical date of September 4, 2010. I think of this date, today, as my anniversary. It’s so significant to me that I even think of it as more important than my birthday or any other holiday I was taught to care about throughout my youth. This is the date that I, as an adult, chose for myself. It’s cool to make decisions that benefit you, solely for the betterment of yourself. This is my day. It’s the Day I Broke Up With Normal.

I didn’t actively get on that airplane ten years ago in hopes of turning my life into something entirely different as to what it was. No, that came in time. But, prior to getting on that airplane, I was just ticking the boxes.

High School? Check.

College? Check.

Job? Ehhh, sort of…


The rest is now history. I’ve got ten years of stories “in the books”. There’s no house, no kids, no spouse, no American dream to speak of. There’s just ten years of stories, and a whole lot of stuff crammed into my brain. In celebration of this most momentous occasion, I’ve decided to launch a new piece to this website. While this blog has been rockin’ and rollin’ for eight years now, I figured it was time I branch out, even just a little bit.

This is why, I now present to you, my veracious reader, a new podcast. It’s got a similar theme to this blog and website, but it focusing a bit more on the people, the best part of the last ten years of my life. It also highlights a number of different individuals who are living lives as unconventional as my own. I’m good and ready for a new chapter, and I hope you are too.

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