Black Lives Matter

Auto Pilot No More stands in solidarity with the Black community as well as the Black Lives Matter movement. For this reason, this blog will rest for the foreseeable future.

For days, maybe even a week, I was so inspired by the number of things I was seeing related to the death of George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter movement, protests, and people riding the momentum of this unique time in history with the goal of structural change. And while we’re all different, and I welcome the viewpoints of those who may have a different one than me, what I struggle with is the individuals choosing to revert back to “normal”. Recently, when scrolling through different social media platforms, I have found myself bothered when I came across posts that have nothing to do with justice, progress, and creating change. In short, I’m not interested in seeing what anyone ate for lunch or the time they’re spending at the beach.

As this blog typically revolves around writings about travel, I feel taking a pause right now is a small step I can take in standing with those who are tired of the injustices they have experienced throughout history and throughout their lives due to systemic racism.

While this white man will be marching in the protests and continuing to educate himself about his privileges and what that means going forward in an effort to create a more just world, this blog will rest. While I recognize that this is but a microscopic piece of the internet, it doesn’t feel right to focus any energy or attention in a different direction at this time.


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