Love in the Time of Corona

I had this thought. Way back before anyone could have predicted what the world was about to turn into, I was starting a new job. The time between when I was hired and when I would actually begin the job was a process. There was a lot of time that was just spent waiting, and then a second period of time that was loosely labeled as “orientation”. As this period of about two months went by, the world changed. I don’t need to elaborate on how things were in early February 2020 and how they are now, at the end of March 2020.

This thought that I had, as the virus was taking hold and spreading, was about love. I remembered encountering the book “Love in the Time of Cholera” recently and thinking about what that title actual meant. What would it have been like to love in the time of cholera? And so, my brain kind of ran with this idea as I oriented at my new job. There was someone in the room with me on most of the days as the newbies all listened attentively to powerpoints and watched procedures happening on mannequins that I took note of. That was the end of it, but it put the idea in my head about what it would be like to forge a new love in this hopelessly awkward and uneasy time in the world.

Almost instantly though, I remembered that love is all there is, truly. And romantic love is this construct that adds this layer of “special” to how we interact with our fellow star dust. I happened next upon these words: Great Pause. Divine Pivot. Shift in Universal Consciousness.

And there you have it, LOVE in the time of Corona.

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