Love was on the Ballot


Marianne Williamson, my first pick for president of the United States.

I’ve never paid so much attention to American politics as I have this past year. 

The current president of the United States, at best, has me rolling my eyes. At worst?  Terrified. 

I believe this is a critical time in history, not just for the United States, but for the planet, for humanity. This is why I’ve had my eyes glued to the screen during the Democratic debates this year, and why I find myself searching the internet for the latest news bits and poll updates nearly everyday. 

In 2016, when my choices on who to vote for to become the next president were narrowed down to just two, I was bummed. I felt like my vote was just to pick the lesser of two evils. I hated that feeling. I was not excited about either candidate. I didn’t feel like our country had any chance of moving forward. It felt like we were about to spin the tires or backslide. 

When a friend asked me who I would like to be president, three years ago, I gave it a good think. 

There are two ways to look at this question. 

First, there’s the practical, societal-force-fed way of thinking about it: Which politician, who actually has a shot at the nomination, would I like to be president?

But, then there’s the second option: In an ideal world, if I can clear my mind, sit in the forest for a while, and remember that I’m having a human experience on this planet, then all of that other “stuff” falls away. Who would I trust to run this country? Who would lead with love? Who would look out for everyday people, for the climate, for general respect? Of the 7 billion people currently walking this earth, author and activist Marianne Williamson came to mind. 

I would like Marianne Williamson to be the president.

And, oddly enough, two years later, she announced her candidacy. 




It has been a journey watching Marianne run for president. I’ve met her before. I’ve sat in on some of her lectures where I used to work, I’ve had her sign my books and chatted with her briefly. Her messages are powerful, both on the campaign trail and off. I found myself agreeing with nearly everything that she said. My values are right in line with hers. She was a dream candidate. 

Unfortunately, in this reality, dreams seem threatening, and the establishment made a joke of her. This was bound to happen, but it was still a bummer to see that the country wasn’t ready to put someone who (literally) wrote the book on love to run the free world. Again, I get it…I live here in reality too, but I loved being able to dream for the last year, knowing she had her hat in the ring. 

On Friday, she announced that she was suspending her campaign for president. However, she already had two more events scheduled for the weekend in New Hampshire, both of which I was planning on attending. Since she didn’t cancel either event, I made the four hour drive up to this critical voting state to hear what she had to say. 

Since I’ve been out of the country for the majority of her run, it was really nice to be able to meet other people who are putting their support behind her. Her final campaign event took place in a bookstore right off of main street in a very quaint, New England-y town. I sat amongst the crowd, listening closely to each policy she would have put into place, and as she inspired the crowd to take the baton and continue forward with the energy and ideas that had been created over the last year. 

It’s sad, really, to see her go, but there was an energy in the room that gave me a little hope. It’s time to back a progressive candidate. In doing so, many of the ideas of Marianne Williamson will continue forward as the election draws closer. 

And so it is.


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