The Day I Broke Up With Normal

Normal had to go, man. I just couldn’t have him in my life anymore. The relationship between the two of us wasn’t going anywhere. He was dragging me down, making me feel unimportant and boring. God, did Normal make me feel boring. He made me feel like there was only one path for my life to go down and he made me feel like it was all mapped out for me from the beginning. Normal was abusive, left my heart feeling caged and a fraction of the monster that it was suppose to grow into being.

So. Normal had to go.

And so I let Normal go. I broke up with him. I broke up with Normal. And…that was the first day of my magical life.


It’s September 4th, a seemingly insignificant day for many passersby. But for me, today marks the anniversary of the day that I made a serious change in my life. It’s the 8 year anniversary of when I decided to take the plunge, to take a risk, and to become something new, to try something new, to reawaken to what life could be.

On September 4, 2010, I boarded an airplane for Nome, Alaska, a tiny rural town on the edge of the Seward Peninsula, located just below the Arctic Circle and 500 miles off of the road system that connects pieces of Alaska like Anchorage and Fairbanks to the rest of the United States via Canada. It was, and still is, the craziest adventure I’ve ever taken, one that ended up lasting almost two years. Since then, I’ve never let my life settle. I’ve always stayed one step ahead of the game and not allowed myself to fall back into the arms of Normal. That was always a goal of mine: Stay away from Normal, never restart that relationship. Fortunately, this just came naturally after a while and avoiding Normal has become all but routine at this point.

As is written all over this blog, since leaving Alaska, I’ve traveled to 49 states, 18 countries, 7 continents, and lived long-term in Kenya, Hawaii, Guyana, Greece, Yellowstone National Park, Missouri, Illinois, and New York. I’ve done pretty well. I’ve stayed away from Normal.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about no longer being “with” Normal, is the strange and somewhat sympathetic things that people say to me as a result of my magical life. Some people envy how I’ve carved out my 20’s and others seem to pity me. They’ve been so wrapped up with Normal that they don’t understand how I could ever want to stay away from him. But this is just part of the experience. I have learned to honor each experience for what it is. I understand why some people are interested in remaining cuddled up in the arms of Normal and why others want to break free. I understand. I respect both paths.

For me, today is a simple celebration. A moment to recollect myself and think back on the magic of the past eight years. It’s also a time to look forward. There is more magic ahead, or so it seems…


“The day I broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life.” -Unknown

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4 Responses to The Day I Broke Up With Normal

  1. akin Adeleye says:

    Interesting. Though I will like to understand who you found after leaving ‘Normal’ 😉.

  2. akin Adeleye says:

    This statement seems ‘normal’ … one of the most interesting things about no longer being “with” Normal, is the strange and somewhat sympathetic things that people say to me as a result of my magical life… that sympathetic word… kind of freak out?

  3. Claudette says:

    That’s an amazing post. I’m glad I stumbled here.. 😉

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