2 Easy Ways to Save the Planet

27 million gallons

You wanna save the planet? Buckle up, and get in the game.

Are you ready for this? You’re about to think I’m threatening your diet, but don’t panic, just keep reading.

Someone wise once told me that you cannot call yourself an environmentalist if you eat meat. Were they right?

You could give up showering for three months OR you could choose to forgo eating ONE HAMBURGER and save the same amount of water. Water, although we would like to believe other wise, is not nearly as renewable of a resource as we were taught in elementary school. The difference between producing one pound of beef and one pound of vegetables in terms of water is astronomical. I once did the math to find out how much water I’ve saved in my eight years of operating on a vegetarian diet. The answer? 27 million gallons of water. My brain cannot comprehend how much water that is. Imagine if everyone decided to make an effort to move away from meat. How quickly could be refill our aquifers? Could we move away from the impending idea that nations are going to have to fight wars over water?

“But it tastes good” is no longer a good enough reason for you not to be doing your part to save the planet. Sorry if this hurts your feelings. Earth is more important than your pallet.

Here are the two things you can do right now to instantly become a piece of the solution and start saving the planet:

1. Stop Eating Dead Animals 

Cows: Moo-moos pollute the planet more than any other creature in existence. They even out do humans. If we took all of the cows off of the planet due to every human being becoming a vegetarian, we could all drive hummers and do less damage to the earth than we are at present. If you give up eating cow meat, after just a few weeks, having dead cow flesh between your teeth will be such a sickening experience that you’ll never want to do it again. In the worst cases, the rainforest is plowed down so corn can be planted to feed the cattle that gets turned into hamburgers for “restaurants” like McDonalds. Eating grass fed beef, at first glance, may seem like a better option, but one needs to consider the amount of land area grass fed cattle take up, along with the negative impacts of consuming red meat in general.

Pigs: It seems right nasty to eat something that has the same intelligence as a three-year-old human child. They’re well aware of what is happening to them when they’re sent to the slaughter. Meat from pigs clogs your arteries and contributes, though not as much as cows, to the general destruction of our planet.

Fish: Those trillion beautiful fishies weren’t put in the oceans for you to consume. They were put there to help keep the planet in check. They are there because they are part of our great ecosystem. Over fishing is rapidly depleting the “supply” of fish in our oceans which could decimate life as we know it. “Save the fish, save the oceans, save the world,” says Paul Watson.

2. Stop Consuming Cow Pus 

Dairy: Adios, skin issues! If you lose the dairy, your skin health improves, you breathe easier, and your life generally becomes less crappy. Along with these added benefits, you’ll also no longer be contributing to the dairy industry, which contributes a great deal of harm to our earth on a daily basis. Cows produce milk for their calves, which are taken away from them the moment they are born. The cows are then milked at an unnatural rate, often with machine that cause sores to develop on their utters. The milking process doesn’t stop when these sores develop though. The cows have no time to heal, the machines are re-hooked to the animals and the process continues. This leads to pus and blood from the sores ending up in the milk supply. Cow pus in the milk ends up in other dairy products, i.e. yogurt, cheese, butter.

Are you not meat-free yet? Get with the times, dude!

“But what am I going to eat?”

Well, you’re going to eat vegetables. For the first time in your life, you’ll actually be consuming the recommended servings of both fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. You’re going to devour leafy greens like your life depends on it and then you’re going to dabble in the world of nuts and legumes for added “protein”. You’re going to learn how to make creative salads. You will search far and wide (likely around the whole globe) for new fruits and vegetables to try and add to your repertoire. You’re going to eat plants–food that your body and teeth were made to consume, and it’s going to make you gloriously and wonderfully healthy–No heart attacks for you!

Do these 2 things seem too extreme for you? Well, I think the 1.5 million heart attacks that Americans have every year is extreme; the over one million acres of rainforest being demolished each week is extreme. Salads aren’t extreme, woman. They’re just light.

Health Insurance.

But really, what aren’t you understanding here? The meat industry has got us wrapped around their fingers. They’ve got us convinced that we need to eat meat in order to be healthy. This is the furthest thing from the truth. It really is. Read a book. Google plant-based diets. Open your eyes. Join the revolution. Step up and step out!

Is my two-step plan for saving the environment too much for you? Well, how about taking it slowly:

Step 1: Cut the cow. Starting right now, never purchase another slab of cow flesh again. There, you’ve really stepped up your game and gently given mother earth a pat on the back!

Step 2: Go vegetarian, at the very least. You’ll be helping us all out big time. Look into veganism at a late date.

Cucumber, tomato, avocado, cilantro, red onion, pepper, lemon, olive oil.

Have fun watching your carbon footprint shrink away, and call me if you have any questions or want to exchange recipes!

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