Ordinary Leap Day

I wanted so badly for today to be a stand out day. After all, it does only happen once every four years. This is a rare enough occurrence that it feels strange to write the numbers out: 2/29.

Today, I asked my seventh grade science class if they could tell me why we have a leap year every four years–they’re researching the answer tonight and letting me know why tomorrow. Even still, I liked that I was given the chance to discuss the unique occasion with them on the actual date that it’s happening. The next time they experience a leap year,they’ll be starting to think about what college they should be going to.

And so, by the time I was walking out of school and heading to my after-school job, I realized there wasn’t anything particularly special about having an extra day tacked on the end of February. It was; however, a sunny day with a temperature somewhere in the 60’s. That was something that I could appreciate. Of course, my students are always something I appreciate as well, even on the days (like today) where I scratch my head at the end of a 45-minute session with them as I debate whether they’ll ever come into their own, appreciate their education, stop acknowledging peer pressure, etc. This, though, is just another reason why today was no different than the other days. 2016 will have 366 days instead of 365. Perhaps this means we’ve all got one extra day to get ourselves in order, acknowledge our staling New Years resolutions. It’s one more chance to become who we want to be. I mean, I hope it is. Even if today didn’t seem to be a day for the record books, perhaps it’s just one more day leading up to a day that is meant for the record books, and, without today, February 29th, we would have fallen just one day short of greatness.

Maybe? Hey, a guy can dream.

Happy leap day!


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