Prayer: To the Candidate with the Most Love


As we move deeper into the election season, we ask you to pay careful mind to all of the candidates. May you assist us in focusing our attention on those individuals who are looking to do right by the people of the earth. Help guide those who are looking to unite the majority and the minority, help us to send light and life into the people who know how to govern for this generation and those to follow. Give sight to those candidates who see humans and earth, rather than us and them. And as we make our decisions and head to the ballot box in under a years time, please send us constant reminders that we are not alone, but on the contrary, living in communion with every other soul on earth.

This is my hope. This is my prayer.


One thought on “Prayer: To the Candidate with the Most Love

  1. My greatest fear is that your prayer won’t be answered and hatred (a false, them against us) will prevail. I’m afraid that we are facing a new Hitler in this country, Which was founded on acceptance and freedom. God help us all.

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