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Tribute to One of the Greats

Dr. Wayne Dyer passed away yesterday. News is just breaking of this loss to the world. He was a free thinker, a light worker, a reminder of the miracles in and of the world. So much of what I do … Continue reading

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A Year With Love

Spend a year with a word.  Is this a thing that people do? Was it a fad a while back that I completely missed out on? It sounded familiar to me as a woman spit the suggestion out in my … Continue reading

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GuyaNEWS: The Transition From Guyana to America

As promised, here I am one more time, delivering one last message to your inbox. Instead of leaving off with my last e-mail to you in which I was just about to leave Guyana, I thought it would bring things … Continue reading

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A Return to Vegan Country

When you live with vegans, you tend to eat what they eat. It’s just easier that way. Since my current housemates live on a higher plain of existence, I’ve adjusted my diet to make our dining experience more enjoyable. Here … Continue reading

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