What’s up in Guyana

Ohhhhhhhhh, here I am at the end of a two week stint in which I’ve neglected this blog. I hate when this happens because it feels like I’m leaving a piece of the story of my year out, but I’ll get around to updating what has happened in recent history. I have a number of “posts in progress” that will likely see the light of day.

In recent weeks I’ve been wrapping up the school year and doing my best to keep my head above water. Tomorrow begins the second-to-last week of school. All week, we’ll testing to see how much the boys retained from the last ten months of lessons we teachers have been dishing out. Creating final exams that encompass everything I have taught for the past year was a tedious task which soaked up most of my free time last week, but now, in the coming week, all I have to do is proctor the exam for the second graders and then babysit for the rest of the school day. I’m still not entirely sure what will come of the final week of school next week since all of the testing will be completed, but I’m just going to do the usual and “go with the flow” in order to avoid going mad.

In recent days and weeks I’ve been moving closer to finding peace with the fact that this experience will come to a close. I still have over a month in Guyana, which I plan on making the most of, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be ignoring the fact that things will be winding down soon. It sometimes feels like yesterday that I was zipping through the airport traffic on my way into GT in August, and sometimes, it feels as though I’ve spent a lifetime here. For today, I’m somewhere in the middle.

Here are a few photos of some things that have occurred recently. I’ve been spending extra time after school with the younger boys at the orphanage, mingling with the older boys when I get a chance as their schedules are changing up with the conclusion of the school year, going to basketball games when time allows, and even had the second grade class over last weekend to eat nachos and hang out with the volunteers.

Nachos on the floor.

Nachos on the floor.

I laughed when I saw him doing this, leaning out of the school.

I laughed when I saw him doing this, leaning out of the school.

My good pal, J.

My good pal, J.

A. should have been sweeping, instead he put the broom around his head.

A. should have been sweeping, instead he put the broom around his head.


The classroom after a day of battle.

The classroom after a day of battle.

Front yard flooding. It's the rainy season.

Front yard flooding. It’s the rainy season.

All in all, I think I’m doing okay. I keep reminding myself that this experience won’t last much longer. The rainy season has been intense, raining almost everyday since May began. This has increased the number of mosquitoes in my home and the house has flooded twice, most recently this past Thursday. A rat continues to thrive in our house, and I swear the cockroaches are getting bigger. But no bother, all of these things can be dealt with. We keep mopping, swatting, stomping, and thinking about the other side.

That’s all for now! Talk soon.

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1 Response to What’s up in Guyana

  1. Larry says:

    You are doing far better than OK.

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