One Month Away From Elections

Election season is upon us in Guyana. So far, nothing too extreme has happened, but I’m kind of just waiting for the other shoe to drop. This is the only country other than the United States that I’ve ever been in this close to an election. Obviously, Guyana is a little less stable when it comes to stuff like this; however, I’ve heard rumors that Guyana may be a nation that other developing nations can model themselves after if this election goes peacefully. The two opposing parties–okay there’s actually three–but the major two parties are campaigning hard right now. They have crummy commercials that pop onto the television at random times, radio ads that preach their promises, and, most comically, posters plastered around the city on telephones polls. As if this were a campaign to be in student government in middle school. It goes to show you how small this country really is.

A typical campaign poster seen around the streets of Georgetown.
A typical campaign poster seen around the streets of Georgetown.

This morning, at 7am, I was awakened by a car driving by. It was a car with two old-fashioned loudspeakers on top of it, and it was driving around, blaring a message through the streets and neighborhoods of GT. It was the PPP, the current party in control of the country, and this was their way of letting people know that there would be a political gathering going on this afternoon. The recording of the message was such low quality that I assumed the driver of the car was making the announcement as he drove. It turns out, the message was just recorded poorly and it just plays through on a loop. This is the second time I’ve heard messages shared throughout Guyana via this method. It’s so foreign to me that it makes me think of Nazi Germany. It’s a method that doesn’t make sense to use these days, it strikes me as almost desperate, like the word needs to get out right away and people need to assemble before something bad happens. It’s kind of worrisome. I will be avoiding the gathering like the plague this afternoon. One more month until election day…

One thought on “One Month Away From Elections

  1. I’m laughing. When I was very young, in my small suburb of Pittsburgh it was common for cars/trucks to drive around making announcements through loudspeakers. Sometimes the message was political. Mostly though, it was to announce church fairs and things like that.

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