And Then There Were Three

I’m  down to three. After five difficult months trying to teach a thirteen year old fifth grade lessons, he has been removed from my class. He was rude, uncooperative, and defiant. I’m happy he’s gone simply because he was such a distraction to the other three kids in my class. Now, perhaps, without the added distraction, without my lack of divided attention, we can start to thrive as a unit of four, teacher and students.

I’ve just completed my first three hours of teaching without him. It was so much easier.


I love the kid. I’ll miss having the close relationship with him. But, onwards and upwards. My “Fantastick Four”, as they liked to be called, is now three. Stay tuned…

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"And no one is a stranger...for long."
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2 Responses to And Then There Were Three

  1. Larry says:

    Better three that learn than four disrupted by one and prevented from learning.

  2. mattylife says:

    My thoughts exactly.

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