When I was fifteen, I taught myself how to never be bored. I’m a decade into this practice and still going strong. Although, this week, I’ve found myself saying the phrase “I’m bored”, I don’t actually mean it. I did have myself worried though, because I don’t think I’ve said that phrase in years.

Boredom seems a fitting blog topic for today considering how much time I have off now at the conclusion of the Christmas term. The first thing to point out is, I haven’t really had the time to get bored. There is so much holiday-whatever going on in Guy Guy right now. In the past weeks, I’ve attended five parties, two concerts and a fair. On top of that, the household errands and chores have not allowed the days to be empty. There are work-out classes to attend, boys to take out of the orphanage to bring on adventures. We need visas, and this is not an easy or well-organized process in Guyana, so that takes up time. I’ve also jumped feet first into the world of Guyanese real estate, working hard to find a new home for my three comrades and I.

That being said, here are my thoughts on “boredom.” Or, what I think boredom really is.

If you’re bored, you should consider yourself lucky. Not everyone has time to be bored.

In my current situation, this is incredibly important for me to look at. I’m thankful for the opportunity to chill out (okay, I’m not “chilling” at all—you know, that whole ninety degrees and humid thing). I recognize that not every person on earth is able to take a time-out like I am right now. So, I’m grateful. Bring on the movie watching and the catching up on fiction—if time allows.


Boredom is for people who don’t appreciate life.

I read this sentence when I was a teenager and have never been bored since. It makes complete sense. Someone who is actively stating that they are bored is not someone who is in a state where they are appreciative of the life they have been given to live. Because of this sentence, I don’t even like to think about boredom. Boredom is a state of mind; it’s actually pretty easy to get out of it. I know this because I’ve managed to avoid it was a decade, and I’m not the most committed of people. So long, Boredom.

You’re bored? Cool! What a great opportunity to get to know yourself.

You can’t get rid of yourself. No matter where you go, you go with you. Instead of ignoring this person by immersing yourself in the busy-ness of life, may as well get to know them a little better, see what they like, where their heart is, what they want to accomplish with their time on this earth. You can’t be bored if your thoughts are in the right place. Just pretend you’re on a long car ride, staring out the window. Go with your thoughts, it’s okay to think.

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