Carry Me

When I found out that I would have three weeks for Christmas vacation, my first thought wasn’t joy, it was how am I going to fill the days? I decided that I would revisit my heart’s desire from when I first got to Guyana—to really try and connect with the boys at the orphanage. With all of my roommates still working, I’ve decided to take some of the boys out of the orphanage and bring them over to our house. Today, I took a twelve-year-old and two first graders. I figured the first graders get out of the orphanage so little that they deserved a little time out, and I wanted to use the pre-teen as my helper. I also figured we’d have the chance to chat one-on-one without the distraction of his peer group.

I can’t say that the day was anything over-the-top exciting. The road out to get the boys, we took the bus into the city, went to the grocery store to buy pizza sauce, and then went back to my house and made pizza and watched a movie. The first graders were only so interested in the film, so one of them put on a pair of boots and swept our living room floor. The other one went outside and picked golden apples off of a tree in our backyard. The gathered the fruit and put it in a bag to bring back to the orphanage to distribute to his friends.

By the time the afternoon was over and we were walking back to catch the bus, I couldn’t help but feel like there wasn’t anything special to the afternoon. I have to keep reminding myself that nothing I do in Guyana is going to have some grand impact, and certainly I’m not going to see the fruits of my labor. So few jobs in the service sector actually get to see the results of the work they’ve done. Alas, when I got the boys back to the orphanage, I felt like they were thankful for an afternoon out. It’s not like they had been begging to be brought back the whole time they were with me.

Next, I’ve promised a few more lads that they can come over during this break. Also, the MVC volunteers sometimes host a few of the boys on Christmas Eve into Christmas Day, just to give the staff at the orphanage the day off. I’m looking forward to having kids at my house for Christmas. That may sprinkle a little magic into this bizarre holiday season that I’m currently experiencing.
*Kids often say, “Sir, carry me to your house.”

‘Carry’ essentially means “take me with you!”

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