Poem: Total Teardown

We are a building, a structure.
Tear it down.

Some of us are mansions, cathedrals.
Some of us are scraps or outhouses.
Tear it down.

When the day is done,
When the night has arrived
And we wander into it
For all its beauty
And its mystery.
Tear it down.

We’re meant to.

We thought we were born to build,
To fetch materials,
To pay the bills,
To follow the blueprints,
To go big, to build tall.
We thought we were meant to head upward,
But tear it down.

You were born looking out, not up,
Forgot to turn around.
That, I promise, was a joke.

We are not our homes,
Not our work,
Not our schools.
So tear it down.

“We are a total teardown.”


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