Hospitality (Part 2)

Reflection on Hospitality from Fall Retreat-

The struggle of hospitality is letting one’s guard down. How vulnerable we have to be, to make ourselves, in order to be able to experience the joys of hospitality. A think this is where many human beings numb themselves, and don’t allow their hearts to open up to others. The numbing process squashes their gifts, their ability to give an love.

Who wants to offer up themselves simply to be denied? Who wants to open the doors of their home, extend a helping hand, or offer up their time only to have a back turned on them, a “no thank you” pass across the potential recipients lips.

Here, in this case, hospitality falls back on us. We need to let go of fear. Drop it deep into the waters of confusion where it belongs and, instead, grab onto the reigns of love with all you have and experience the thrill ride. Fear of being turned down or denied exists because it may happen, but that’s where the test is. That’s where the conqueror shrugs off the fall and gets back up, knowing that from the denial of hospitality three things have happened.

First, you’ve gotten your first taste of denial, of falling down, and you’ve survived it, but with that denial, comes the seed of hope that you’ve now planted in the universe within that person. Second, is just that, the seed. Once you’ve planted it, there’s no stopping it. Your quest toward becoming truly hospitable is underway. Third, by setting the spirit of hospitality into motion, and knowing there’s no turning back, that the vibes of openness have now been sent out into the universe, and soon, there will be no more denial, no more fear. Just love, acceptance.

View from my room.
View from my room.

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