“He’s Getting Adopted”

One of my first blog posts when I arrived in South America was about how heart breaking it was to witness two boys getting dropped off at the orphanage. Their lives seemed to be, in a way, at rock bottom—at least it appeared that way since they’re only five years old. What more can you be lacking in your life when you’re five? The very fact of the matter is though that things work out. Watching the younger of the two boys break down into tears upon his arrival was heartbreaking, but just last week I heard the best news…he’s getting adopted. I had heard little rumors here and there that his brother and sister had both been adopted and were living in the United States and Canada, but I didn’t know if that was just a rumor.

Friday afternoon, I was in the middle of teaching a Guyanese History lesson about the natural resources of Guyana, and all of a sudden I realized that I wasn’t the only white person in the room. A man and a woman had wandered in and they were with one of the Nursery aged boys. I hadn’t noticed that he wasn’t at school that day. As it turns out, the little guy is being swept away to join both his brother and his sister at his new home in Canada with his new parents who were both at the school. As far as I could tell, they seemed like good parents. I was in the middle of my work day, so I wasn’t able to glean any details off of anyone about what was going on, but I did say a silent goodbye to the little guy in my head as he left the school with his new parents. I’m happy for him. He certainly will be better off with a loving family in Canada than he would have been trying to find his away among the pack of boys in the orphanage. I wish him well. It’s a good ending to his story in Guyana.


One thought on ““He’s Getting Adopted”

  1. Really wonderful that he is going to be reunited with his sibs in a stable, loving environment.

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