“Oh, it was Ghana”

This morning I woke up to a house full of worried roommates. During the night, one of them had received a text message that the first confirmed case of Ebola had reached Guyana. In response to this, two of them called in sick to work and they sent text messages to loved ones in the US asking them to lookup more information. I decided to go to work anyway. I figured it would be best to get out of the city and go to a village if a deadly disease was around. The overall issue; however, was that none of the four of us knew what to do. Talk of being evacuated and heading home swirled around the dining room table. And then, a text message from the States arrived. “Oh, it was Ghana. Not Guyana,” my roommate read aloud.

This may seem humorous, and when I was prepping to move here this past summer and people word ask me where in Africa Guyana was, I would chuckle. But this isn’t funny. We live in South America! A world away from Africa. Check your facts before sending us these SOSs, because it puts us through the ringer mentally when we already have so much to process.

3 thoughts on ““Oh, it was Ghana”

  1. What horrible misinformation. Sorry you all were put through such stress because someone couldn’t spell or didn’t know enough geography. It’s really outrageous to spout off when it’s so easy to check facts.

  2. Caught up on your blog! Good to hear what you’re experiencing…..back to Philly on the 20th!

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