“Now is a Time to Notice”

Today, the whole orphanage went on a field trip to a park next to a river about an hour outside of Georgetown. It was my first time leaving the city and surrounding communities since I landed in Guyana over a month ago. It was a long, long day. Traveling on bumpy roads with 50 boys is not easy; however, I appreciated the break from routine, even though I’ve fought so hard to get IN the routine.

The park was pleasant, nestled beside a creek that forms next to the Demerara River, one of Guyana’s three main rivers. The boys were given the opportunity to swim in the murky water, something I wasn’t brave enough to do –jump ahead a few months and I’m sure I’d be out in the middle of the creek, swimming like a fish. Although I didn’t get in the water, it was still a nice day. I applied sunscreen three times and wore my hat the whole day…these are the joys of Irish genes in Guyana.

When I returned to the orphanage at the end of the day, I was reminded by a sister that “now is a time to notice” little things that are going on in my life. Not that I’ve forgotten, but it’s nice to be reminded that it’s always important to be on the lookout for blessings in our lives. How thankful I am for the opportunity to work with these boys and with this staff. How grateful I am for a safe place to lay my head at night, and a community of supportive people to come home to. In these early days in Guyana, I’m taking the time to notice. Before this all becomes the norm, I’m feeling this place out and recognizing the beauty that’s around me, even if the city still smells a little.

Writing lesson plans on a Monday afternoon in the classroom.

One thought on ““Now is a Time to Notice”

  1. Thanks for the reminder – “now is a time to notice” – something we should all do all (or at least most) of the time.

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