Where I’m Going Next

As I’ve told people where I’ll be going this coming fall over the last few months, very few know where on the map I’m headed for.

Guyana, a tiny English speaking country on the Northern shore of South America, will be my home for the coming year beginning at the end of August. The reactions I’ve gotten from people have been one of the following two things:

“Guyana? Do you mean Ghana?”


“Don’t drink the kool-aid!” -In reference to Jim Jones in the 1970’s.

So, to make sure that no one thinks I’ll be living on the western shores of Africa next year, here is a home-made map of what corner of the world I’ll be occupying from fall 2014 to summer 2015.


Hopes of continuing this blog remain; however, internet will be scarce. I will not have a computer in my home, I don’t believe I will have one at my place of work, and internet cafes are always touch-and-go. But we shall see, I am hopeful I’ll be able to do some sporadic updates throughout the year!

One thought on “Where I’m Going Next

  1. Globe trotting again. And once again for a great cause. I certainly look forward to your updates even if they are sometimes sporadic. What can be expected considering the places/conditions you find yourself in? Best wishes on your adventure.

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