A Simple Twist of Fate

A few things that I thought were suppose to happen in my life were not in the stars. And a great many blessings that I also had no expectations of also have entered my life.

Since moving to St. Louis, my whole outlook on life has changed. Another big change has been my access to the internet. I am without a cell phone, my laptop from college finally kicked the can, and the internet connection at work never does what it needs to do. Therefore, running to the library for brief thirty minute sessions on the computer seems to be about all the time I have for the world of technology. I do acknowledge that this is the last day of the month, however, which means I had to at least post something for October.

Happy Halloween! I hope the opportunity presents itself soon for me to post some photos and tell the whole story from August until now.



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"And no one is a stranger...for long."
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1 Response to A Simple Twist of Fate

  1. Larry M. Litwin says:

    Sorry to hear about your technical difficulties. It gives one a perspective on how dependent we can become if we let it happen. Hope everything else is going well.

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