That’s a Wrap on Hawaii

Today, I am moving out of my tiny Hawaiian apartment. This evening, I will board the little plane that will fly me over to Honolulu and then I’ll take the red-eye from Honolulu to Anchorage. I have not updated my blog the last two weeks because I’ve been fortunate enough to be busy visiting with my sister. She made the 5,000 mile trek out here after she wrapped up her semester of school.

Although I am leaving Hawaii today, I am planning on doing some “rapid fire” blog posts over the coming days. I have little bits of information and adventures that I wasn’t able to post about the last few weeks. I’m still planning on doing that. I’m heading to Anchorage only temporarily, to see a friend, I don’t think any big-city Alaska is in my near future.

Talk soon,



2 thoughts on “That’s a Wrap on Hawaii

  1. Happy your sister got to visit. I really wish Emily had been able to visit as well. Looking forward to your catch-up posts as well as your continuing adventures.

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