Island-wide Power Outage

I woke up this morning to a digital clock that was dark, a ceiling fan that was no longer spinning, and lights that would not turn on. That’s right, I was experiencing my very first power outage on Moloka’i. I assumed the lack of power was limited to just my apartment, so I didn’t think much of it. But when I saw that my neighbor didn’t have her TV on (which is the first time I have ever seen this to be the case), I realized the issue may extend further than my little apartment.

I made my way downtown, hoping to go to the library to print something off of one of the computers, but I quickly realized that this wasn’t going to happen. The town of Kaunakakai is small and yet it is the metropolis of the entire island. It was as if everyone was coming out of their shops and stores to gossip with one another about what was going on. All of the power was out, so storekeepers and gift shop owners were all locking their doors and hanging out outside of their respective shops to make sure nothing went wrong. I meandered through town and observed the confusion on the tourists faces and the excitement on the faces of the locals. I’m assuming power outages don’t occur too readily here. After walking through most of downtown, I ran into one of the gift shop owners that I’m friendly with and he told me that the blackout was island wide. This may seem logical, I mean, if the power goes out on a portion of a tiny island it would likely just be out on the whole thing, right? But to actually stop and process this idea was a little odd to me. This meant that wherever I went on the island there would be no power, and therefore, my access to power was completely cut off since there is no way off of the island without having power. Just kind of a cool thought…and then, briefly, I thought the appocolypse was happening and I’d never communicate with the outside world again. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The power came on after four hours. All in all it was the perfect day to not have power. It wasn’t too hot, the sky seemed to be especially blue, and when I checked my PO Box a surprise book came in the mail, so I went to the park and had a nice read.

Just a bit of Hawaiian fun for this Wednesday!



One thought on “Island-wide Power Outage

  1. Sounds very laid back. When a power outage hits here people panic and run around like chickens with their heads cut off instead of just relaxing and enjoying the down time.

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